Capture Memphis Kick-Off

Glorious Spring by Simon Hua

Welcome to the new Capture Memphis, gang! We certainly hope you enjoy your time here. We've added a ton of new features to enrich the experience. Be sure to check out the FAQs for a full rundown on how to use the site. There are a few new features we'd like to draw your attention to:

Share Photos: You can now show off your photos, or share unique finds, on Facebook, Twitter and via email. On any photo page, click the "share" button on top of the photo. Help spread the word about Capture Memphis! Invite your friends and family to submit their photos and vote for the best of the Memphis area.

Sky Might Fall by Sean DavisConnect with Us: We have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile. Become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see quick photo features, project highlights and news.

Group Interactivity: We've added a lot to groups, including highlight top voters and top photographers in each group. We've also added discussions for groups. There are three types of discussions: regular talk, critiques and events. Critiques are super fun! You post one of your photos and other group members rate it on its composition, focus, tone, etc. It's a great way to hone your skills as a photographer. Let us know if you want to start a group.

Beale St. Music Festival Nr. 6 or Cowboy Hat Nr. 1 by Paul Chandler MoultonSpotlights: To help focus submissions on a month-to-month basis, we're highlighting photos on the Spotlights page. Toward the end of each month we'll reward a people's choice winner and an editors' pick winner in the Spotlight -- both are $50 gift cards. We also plan to interview photographers and highlight great Spotlight photos. This month's Spotlight is Memphis in May, so get out there and capture it!

Currently Voting: You can now lock your voting flow to photos from a particular photographer, a certain category, spotlight photos or photos from a specific place. To change what you're currently voting for, click the Currently Icon icon wherever it appears. Also, pay close attention to the currently bar.

Follow Users: We've done a lot to add to the user interactivity of the site. Take a peek at your dashboard (logged in) and you should get an idea of our efforts to encourage users to interact with one another. One way to interact with photographers you love is to follow them. Any time they submit a new photo you'll see it right on your dashboard. Easy!

We hope you find these new features useful. As always, please contact us if you have any questions. Now... fire up your cameras and get out there and capture the Memphis area!

Chris Fenison

posted by Chris Fenison

published over 8 years ago in Capture Memphis News